Want to Arrive in Style?

Call our Box Office for details on chartering a private jet!

Aisle Seat

Upgrade to an Aisle Seat for:
4 Day - USD $250
7 Day - USD $350
11 Day - USD $600
Aisle seats are sometimes preferred because they provide a little extra space on one side and they are easy to get up from if needed. When you purchase an Aisle Seat Upgrade one seat in your group will be on an aisle and the rest of the seats in your package will be the adjoining seats.

VIP Deck

Get the Ultimate Concert Experience Enjoy the show from the VIP Deck.

3 Day - USD $600 pp
4 Day - USD $750 pp
7 Day - USD $1000 pp

You’ve been to a concert before, but you’ve never experienced the powerful energy of a show like you will with our VIP concert experience! You will have access to the best seats available for the show on our VIP deck with cocktail service. As our VIP, you will be treated like a Rock Star and see the show the way it is meant to be seen – up close and personal!

Stagefront View

Get the Ultimate Concert Experience Enjoy the show from your balcony just steps away from the stage!

Seating Upgrade

Want to book a cheaper room and still get closer to the action?